Regenerative Business
TheDive engineers new business models that make our world better, not worse.

The age when companies can afford to care only about the bottom line is over. 21st-century organizations understand that they are part of social and ecological systems to whose well-being they contribute through innovation. Our methods enable the transition from a profit-only mentality to a holistic approach. We help you strike a balance between radical change and gradual growth.

The Stellar Approach

Under the Stellar Approach, we bring together all our products on the topic of Regenerative Business Models. We are constantly developing our formats, so it's worth checking back here from time to time.

Regenerative Business Model Innovation

21st-century business models follow a new logic: regeneration. Regenerative models take into account the fact that businesses are embedded in social and ecological systems and use them as drivers of innovation. We help design and test regenerative models and make existing business models regenerative.

Supervision for transformation teams

A stabile in-house transformation team is an important factor for success. We help build your team, steer processes, assimilate learning and strengthen the competence of your organisation.


The paradigm shift from “profit only” to “impact first” is in full swing. We help you find new inspiration, ideas and challenges along the way.

Immersive Learning Journey

What kind of economy do we want to have? And where has our previous understanding of economics gotten us? What would a regenerative economy – one based on economic justice and the sustainable use of natural resources – look like? We address these questions in a three-day virtual learning journey.

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